How To Start a blog And Earn Millions In 2020

How To Start a blog And Earn Millions In 2020

Wondering! Yes, You read it right. This is true there are many blogger who are making seven figure income from the blog. Of course you have listened about them many times. If they can do than why not you ? Definitely you also can earn from a blog. In this post I will tell how you can start a blog and earn money from a blog in 2020. No need to worry I will tell you how to start a blog from scratch whether you have technical experience or not. It’s easier and faster than you think!  We will go through few steps to complete the setting up process

Steps to start a blog

Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything step by step. Before starting lets understand few terms used while blogging.


Blog (shortening of “weblog”) is a regularly updated website or web page, can be run by an individual or a small group. It is a platform where a writer (who write post on blog) or even a group of writers share their opinions on a subject.

What is a Blogger ?

A person who writes content for a blog is known as blogger.

Difference between a blog and a post?

On a blog, articles are published as posts. These post are appear in reverse chronological order, with the latest posts at the top of the list or on the top left of the screen. Blog posts have a time stamp showing when they were published on that blog.

I want a website, not a blog?

No need to worry. Keep reading! The steps below will get you a website with the option of a blog.

How much I have to spent to start a blog?

Anyone can get start a blog of their own, with just a domain name and a web hosting starting from $2 per month depending on the domain registrar and hosting (Depending upon hosting companies some offers at cheap price others at high). As your blog and income grew, you can started paying for more premium tools and services, but as of now no need to worry about them.

Can I start a blog for free?

Yes, but I don’t recommend it. Why? Because free blog services limit your money-making options. They have lack support. Only offer basic features and it can be costly to switch from there. If still you want in free then, I recommend Blogger.

Step 1. Decide what to write on blog or blog niche

Choose a topic be it fashion, guitar, animals, cooking and anything that you like and enjoy. Your interesting topic will encourage you to write a lots of thing on the blog. And A blog requires a lot of good content to get going and remain interesting. It is the first and most important things to do while blogging. A blog based on your interest will grow faster.

Step 2. Selection Of Blogging Platform Or Blog With WordPress

A blogging platform (that is content management system or CMS) puts your words into blog form. There are many blogging platform like wordpress, joomla, shopify, drupal etc. but WordPress is most popular, and widely recognized as the best. Because it does not required any skills to start a blog. WordPress features are mind blowing you can simply drag and drop while post on the blog. It is the best platform that I have personally used. WordPress CMS is free. Next Step is to choose hosting provider.

Step 3. Choose A Hosting Provider to Start A Blog

A host puts your blog on the internet. There are many hosting providers like BlueHost, Site ground, A2 hosting, Hostgator, GoDaddy, In motion hosting etc. The hosting company I’ve personally used, paid for, and recommend to beginners is Bluehost. Their setup is fast and blueshost install WordPress for you automatically. And they have 30 days money-back guarantee. Ready?

–>Click here to go to BlueHost. Hit the green Get Started button. (You’ll get a discount!)

Choose A Hosting Provider

Step 4. Choose Hosting Plan And Domain Name

Hosting Plan for blog

 You required a web hosting where you can install WordPress software. So It’s time to choose a hosting plan. You can choose according to your budget. But I recommended the Choice Plus plan because it has more unlimited features and includes domain privacy and keeps your contact information hidden from the public. While choosing the hosting plan for a blog choose for long duration that means choose 2 or 3 years. In this you will get lowest rate if you choose for 36 months it will cost you of $2.95 per month. And If you buy for 12 months, then the price will be $4.95 per month.

choose hosting plan

Choosing Domain Name for Blog

Domain name is web address (e.g. If you know what domain name you want to use, enter it otherwise click the link at the bottom to choose one later. Bluehost will let you choose a Free Domain later option. That will give you time to do some research and thinking (while choosing domain name choose in such a way that people can understand the topic of your blog from the name itself.)

If you didn’t find the domain name of your choice or that domain name you want has been taken then no need to worry. In most of the cases it is found that the domain you want has been taken by someone. You can get the domain related to your niche (try some combination of words). I am sure you will find your right domain after some searching.

domain name for blog

 There are many domain extensions. You can find many domain extensions other than ‘.com’. other common domain extensions are .org,.usa, .net,,.info etc. You can check all domain extension at the time of domain registration.

3.   Complete Signup Process

Next step in start a blog is complete your registration or signup. You have to put in some information that bluehost ask to you.

You can signup with your Google account or enter your information as shown in the below.


4.   Complete Your order to start your blog

scroll down and place your order by entering your credit card details. And pay the amount. I am sure you will not get any problem while checkout. You can call their customer care if you face any problem. Accept ‘Terms of Service’ by tick on checkbox  button and click on ‘Submit’ button to complete the order.

Complete Your order to start your blog

Follow the instructions appears on the page it will ask to install a theme then click on next button.

Step 5. Pick a theme

You’re almost done with setting up your account ! It comes to design the blog. What design???? Again no need to worry. I told you that it is very easy and simple just install the theme appeared on the screen. I recommend two themes: Astra or GeneratePress because these both are highly customizable. You can customize them according to you in simple ways. Change your logo by going to wordpress dashboard à customize

pick a theme for blog
Congratulations, now you have a self-hosted WordPress blog!

Its time to do the following task. It need few minutes to complete all these following task. See below for the details.

  • Log into WordPress
  • Remove your temporary domain
  • Secure your site with SSL certificate
  • Publish your first post in WordPress
  • Customize your blog design
  • Launch your site
Log into WordPress

Click the WordPress button(shown in the image below) from the last step above. (Don’t see it? Other option in your email account Click Account Login in your Bluehost confirmation email.)

login to wordpress

You’ll be taken to your WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is the main nerve center of your site. From here you’ll publish your posts, customize your design, add pages and manage all aspects of your blog.

The black column on the left is a good indicator you are in the WordPress Dashboard. (The rest of the screen might look different. Not to worry.)

Remove your temporary domain

If you have not choose domain Earlier it is now hosted on a temporary domain. Now you have to switch it to your domain that you Choose Domain Name for Blog in step 4 above.

Choose from the following:-

  • Did you create a new domain?  Now Activate it. Check your mail inbox to find the domain activation email from bluehost. Click the button inside email to complete the activation process or the link provided. Now rest of the things Bluehost will automatically do and switch domain for you.
  • Did you opt to choose a domain later option? Register & assign it now. In your Bluehost account, click Domains > Register in the left column. Enter the domain you want, add it to your cart and complete your purchase. (If you chose the Choice Plus plan, there should be a credit in your cart to make it free.) Now go to Domains > Assign and choose your new domain from the dropdown menu.
  • Did you use an existing domain? Point it. If you have already a existing domain other than bluehost. Now Edit the name servers where your domain is registered. Here are instructions by registrar. If you get stuck, call Bluehost and they’ll support you.

Wait few hours for the changes to take effect. To test it, type your permanent domain into browser’s address bar. If is opens up then your domain is activated.

Secure your website with SSL

Once your domain is working and hosted, now time secure it with SSL certificate. While seeing a green padlock visitors believe on the website more. It also keeps your site on Google’s list of safe site.

You can simply check if a site is secure or not by the way it looks in the address bar. An unsecure site begins with http:// and where a secure site begins with https://

Log into your Bluehost account > click on My Sites. Locate the site you wish to activate the free SSL for. Click Manage. Open the Security tab. Under Security Certificate toggle the Free SSL Certificate ON. (it should be always On). Refer image below.

Bluehost SSL certificate on

Wait for few hours while the changes to take place. 

If you’re using an existing domain other than bluehost, contact the company where your domain is registered. Tell them you want to secure your website with an SSL certificate and follow their instructions.

Publish your first pages in WordPress

Now you have to publish some basic pages like your disclaimer, privay policy and Contact page, terms and condition page. Because google AdSense make it is mandatory to publish these pages if you apply monetization for your blog.

If you don’t know how to write these pages then You can refer my terms and conditions page, disclaimer page, privay policy page and Contact page and write for your own blog.

Customize your blog design

There are two ways to install theme in your blog. You can directly install theme by going to your dashboard > Appereance > Theme > Add New > search for Astra> Install > Activate.

And second is by downloading from these link Astra or GeneratePress and then go to Appereance > Theme > Upload theme > (upload from your local computer folder where downloaded )> Activate you have a lot of customization options. You can Watch video to make some basic customizations in GeneratePress and astra.

Launch your blog (and remove the Coming Soon page)

I hope you have successfully completed customizations and you’re ready to go live, deactivate the Coming Soon page. Click the button at the top of your Dashboard and follow the instructions

Congratulations! You are all set up with your blog and ready to start blogging. Excellent content is the key to get top in the google, so start there. Now we will move towards how to earn money from a blog. Before we apply for any monetization we have to make sure that our blog have good content and that ranked on the google. People are visiting your blog. For this you have to take following step

Step 6. Write on Regular Basis don’t be lazy in this

You have to do Hard work and become more passionate about blogging. You must post on a regular basis after starting your blog. Try to write something new that people like and share the content. If people will like your content then believe me friends no one can stop you from earning. More quality content, more the traffic, more you can earn.

Step 7. Promote your blog

This is the second most important step after quality content to get the traffic on your blog. Making money without traffic is difficult. It takes time to get traffic on your blog.There are lots of things you can do to get traffic on your blog.

  1. SEO – SEO is the main key to get you on top in search result. Learn SEO and implement on-page & off-page SEO techniques on your blog. Learning SEO is not roket science. You can learn by watching some videos on youtube and implement. From SEO you can get good traffic from Google.
  2. Share your content everywhere on social sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.
  3. Write guest posts and comment on other blogs.
  4. Create videos about your blog and upload on YouTube and other video sharing platform. You will also get traffic from there.
  5. If Your budget allows you can do paid marketing via google ads, facebook ads etc.

Step 8. Earn money from a blog

Monetize your blog

This is the aim for that we are here and create a blog. There are number of ways to make money from a blog. I will describe few ways for a beginner.

Make Money with Google AdSense

First and the most popular earning way from a blog is google Adsense. Sign up with AdSense here (try only when you receive some traffic on your blog). Google displays ads on your blog they are similar to you see on other blog. When a visitor clicks on any ads, or impression per thousand view Google pays you.

Earn money from Amazon Associate.

This is most popular affiliate programme. Many people earning in six to seven figures from amazon associate. In Amazon associate you will post or give links of the amazon products or services on your website. Whenever your visitors click on your affiliate link and buy from amazon you get 4% to 12% commission of the ordered amount from Amazon. Just signup with Amazon Associate USA or your country.  In simple way you can get the affiliate link of any product. you have to Login to your associate account and get an affiliate link for any product you like and want to promote through your blog.

Other affiliate programme

Like amazon there are many popular website running affiliate programme that gives huge commissions. They are commission junction, shareasale,bluehost, godaddy, etc.

Selling adspace

You can earn money from your blog by selling adspace to someone. It means you will give space in your blog to someone in return they will pay you.

There are lots of way from which you can earn money from a blog

I hope you have learned How to start a blog and earn millions in 2020. If you have any query about how to start a blog then comment. It will be my pleasure to help you. If you like the content and get some useful information then please share this.